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We are Handcrafted Cold Press Goodness!!

Bethesda Hemp is a small family hemp business located in Burgaw, NC. We are locally owned and operated. Our lab is registered with the State of  North Carolina, where we have a passion for providing quality products.

We know you have heard of  full spectrum, but why settle for a little,  when you can have it all? This total chemical profile is what sets us on the top shelf.

Our aim has been and will always be to get as much of the organically grown hemp as possible in each bottle. Our process starts with small handcrafted batches and ends with you receiving all the vitality the plant has to offer.  

    Absolutely, there is lots of naturally occurring CBD in our product, but it doesn’t end there. We know how important raw cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids are to ensure the ultimate entourage effect.  This is why our product is incredibly potent.  At 120 suggested servings per bottle it is incredibly affordable.

Heart and soul.

 The heart behind this brand is very simple.  To bring a high quality, long lasting, affordable whole hemp product into the marketplace for people who are struggling with serious health conditions.

 We understand that many folks dealing with life face incredibly hard obstacles, pressures, and financial worries while having to deal with these conditions. We know and understand struggle; we’ve been there.  Our hope is that our product will help give a measure of relief, and  Increase your familys Legacy.

The Founders – Audria & Jason Simmons

I have always had a passion for wellness and nutrition and believe that keeping the body healthy and strong is our greatest asset. I am here today because of a relative who was suffering from a crippling form of mental illness and the side effects of medication caused, pushed me to look for answers..


Audria quickly began researching different natural alternatives. This led her to the medical benefits of cannabis.  Being from a strong religious background people were not to use anything cannabis related because. She was like so many,  she  believed it was a drug.  Her views began to change and she saw that Hemp derived CBD was truly a gift to support the body’s endocannabinoid system.  The plant was helping people, not harmful. She understands that Hemp will give many people hope to restore some of their life back.

Due to her knowledge about cannabis and its compounds, she was approached about employment in the first Hemp/CBD dispensary that was being set up in southeastern North Carolina in 2016. Unbeknownst to her she was the first “Hemp Tender” in the state of North Carolina. She could see the positive impact CBD was having in her husband’s life. Audria decided to part ways with the dispensary and founded  Bethesda Hemp in 2017 with the intention of bringing a natural hemp product with a total chemical profile into the local marketplace.

Jason Simmons, a native of Wilmington, NC, is a former firefighter who Co-founded Bethesda Hemp with his spouse, Audria. They saw first hand the benefit of hemp derived CBD in the management of Jason’s chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. He was unable to work due to asthma while working in the fire department. After experimenting with different brands, they realized there were not any cost effective brands that could provide the relief they were looking for at an affordable price. So, they decided to create it. Jason’s role within the company is processing and managing social marketing.

A shout out to our contracted workers, Eric and Zach, who work at processing. We hope to expand and create  permanent positions.


We Support Local Bethesda CBD


Tidal Creek Co-Op (Wilmington, NC)

Pure Life ( Wilmington, NC )

Body Tech Acupuncture & Massage (Wilmington, NC)

Island Wellness (Carolina Beach, NC)

Southern Chics Treasures (Burgaw, NC)

New Hanover Chiropractic (Wilmington, NC)

Maria’s Health Shop (Hampstead,NC)


Wilmington, NC


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